School Administration Software


Our web application, designed specifically for mobile devices, is currently under development and is offered free of charge for those interested in trying it out at this early stage.


Fully configurable screens and application forms where you can drop default items or add your own
Online chat so that you can communicate easily with students, staff, parents and third parties
Extensive importation facilities
Have students, parents and third parties enter and update their own details in order to help the school obtain and maintain it
Academic year can be any duration - not just based on a calendar year
Full accounting system - accounts, debtors, creditors, invoicing, statements
Invoicable school services applicable to grades and invoicable services to which students can individually subscribe
Templates where assessments, syllabuses and test plans can be set up once and adopted by subject classes
Take admin and subject class attendance
Markbook where individual tests can easily be commented on
Default comments to go on report cards
Signoff now down to test level, so that results can be available as and when they are ready instead of waiting for the entire test group to be signed
Students, parents and approved third parties can view student information and progress