School Administration Software

The Swimming Module handles all aspects of school swimming. Swimming disciplines, heats and team templates can be set up as the backdrop against which to create teams and record performance. Galas are also fully catered for.
  • Indicate the number of lanes
  • Set up disciplines
  • Set up heats
  • Set up templates
  • Trial templates
  • Set up trial teams
  • Finalize trials
  • Go to trial team
  • Set up gala teams
  • Go to gala teams
  • Enter gala details

Swimming Teams

Swimming teams are made available by means of the wish list, age group, levels and school house.

Swimming galas

The swimming gala is an event that is created within the swimming module. Items in the event that form part of the program are also created within TS School. Easy management of the school gala event and invitation to contact is catered for in the swimming module.


Team information is printed from the module window. Swimming contains 13 prescribed reports in the reports module.