School Administration Software

The Staff Module handles the entering of staff particulars and the setting up of staff types. An extensive amount of information, both past and present, can be captured.
  • Staff types
  • Personal details
  • Facility to indicate the type of staff member
  • Contact details
  • Next of kin and details of spouse
  • Medical details (both public and confidential)
  • Indicate emergency and medical aid companies as well as medical practitioners
  • Subjects currently teaching and previously taught
  • Sports currently coaching and previously coached
  • Awards received from this school and externally
  • Staff Development (appraisals)
  • Staff qualifications
  • Facility to make a staff member a user
  • Misdemeanors
  • Staff personal timetable

Staff roles

Identify staff roles according to the staff designation. Assign roles to staff and this will pull through for staff appraisals against the related staff member.

Staff details

The staff module offers a range of information from previous history, external certificates, qualifications to subject taught and sports coaching history as well as user login details.


Personal, general and essential information exists in the staff module. Staff appraisals are conducted within the staff module. Limitations on privileges allow for specific power members to access staff information.