School Administration Software

governmental reports
The Governmental Reports Module (Governance) handles the production of reports for as prescribed by the department of education or the education ministry. Reports colors may be set up. Only those with the correct rights have access to these reports.
  • Facility to customize the look and feel of reports
  • Report permissions based on screen access
  • All reports first go through a print preview screen
  • Customization is offered at a reasonable fee
  • Help per report


Regional or national reports - we have started to accommodate the Western Cape schools. Send us your governmental reporting spec or create your reports in the own reports module.

Report writing

For maximized results we have ensured that the report is designed according to expected standards.


TS School contains 16 reports for the Western Cape (Sout Africa) education department and we already have created other reports for national interest that require additional coding. This is an evolving feature.