School Administration Software

The Administration Class Module handles the setting up of administration classes and the allocation of students and class administrators to these classes. Class registration can be taken and calendar events, such as class outings – scheduled.


- Creating and working with administration classes
- Graphical view of class, showing student photos
- Simple drag and drop functionality
- Automatically fill classes
- Student attendance
- Schedule class events, such as class outings
- Automatic assignment of students to subject classes


User settings


User settings determine the username with which to login into TS School. Select between auto or own creation of the username. Various settings provides 6 combinations to choose the user name.



User Groups

Every user group has access rights. Limit or open these rights based on data access, insert, update and delete. By double clicking the feature is changed to either red for no access or green for access.



A process report on user permissions is printed by usage of the printer button at the top of the window.

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