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system security

The System Security Module ensures full system security. It has a comprehensive permissions infrastructure, the means to secure sensitive information, full data integrity checking, and the facility to set up and produce audit trail analyses.


- Establish who and what will be tracked
- Perform an audit trail analysis (find out who did what and when)
- PCs can be set to lock themselves after a certain number of minutes
- Full table scans can be scheduled and/or manually executed
- Perfect data integrity (hacker-aware)
- All restricted information is encrypted
- Access to confidential/sensitive information controlled




An automatic PC lock serves for user safety.



Audit trail setup

Indicate which services need tracking and which users must be tracked. For ease of use a module selection minimizes the search criteria.


Audit trail analysis

This reveals all tasks added, changed and deleted within a specified period of time. By showing records of the user, date and time; which makes for accurate results.

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