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The Experience Module allows one to enter the historical specifics of both staff and student. Handled are school details, subjects taught/taken, sports coached/taken, awards received, offenses committed and a number of other details.


Prior Student Schooling

- Previous student profile, I.Q., total merits, total demerits
- Previous student subjects taken
- Previous student subject performances
- Previous student sports taken
- Previous student sporting performances for athletics, gymnastics and swimming
- Previous student awards received
- Previous student aptitudes
- Previous student misdemeanors

Prior Staff Experience

- Previous staff profile
- Previous staff subjects taught
- Previous staff sports coached
- Previous staff awards received
- Previous staff misdemeanors


Student experience


Historical information helps understand more about the students achievements while they were attending other schools. A full record is created in the prior school tab of the students module.



Staff experience

Staff's past experience and teaching history is recorded in the staff experience tab of the staff module. Access information as permitted.


Qualification and experience

A documented list of institutes attended plus the subject taught and sport coached. The staff experience function helps with growth planning.

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