School Administration Software

The Attendance Module handles the taking of registration for both students and staff. Numerous absentee reports and statisticals can also be produced for managerial purposes.


- Student and staff attendance
- Take registration up to 5 times a day
- Admin class registers
- Subject class registers
- Sports team registers
- Athletics team registers
- Gymnastics team registers
- Swimming team registers
- Graphically monthly view of attendance details
- Doctor certificate reference numbers
- Many reports and statistics


About the attendance register


Attendance can be taken from any group setting like a subject class. Double click to mark absentees and to mark late attendance.  Doctors notes can also be registered.



Absenteeism totals

End of term total absenteeism is registered in a different tab. For quick registering of absentees this is ideal.


Attendance reports

TS School contains 33 reports relating to attendance alone.

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